La Vigie


“My restaurant is like a haute-couture boutique : everyone must have the right to look, to choose, to try and to leave with the perfect suit “. A little paradise between sky and sea.

Basking in the sunshine, surrounded by lush greenery as you listen to the sound of the waves, this is an ideal spot to treat yourself to a tasty grill or buffet ; and in the evenings to yield to the temptations of a well-orchestrated menu featuring grilled fish and crayfish specialities. La Vigie takes the most exquisite products from the Mediterranean and serves them at your table.


Chef Paolo Sari’s Vision

A menu is like a wholehearted journey to a land of flavours: sitting down at the table for a meal should never be thought of as a burden, but as an opportunity to partake in the pleasures of choosing, tasting and mixing foods. The guest should be true to himself and trust his taste, selecting his favourite ingredients – which should be presented in a fresh and appetising manner – whilst always respecting gastronomic culture, because tomorrow’s cuisine can only be a return to yesterday’s traditions. 

Type of cuisine

  • Fish specialities and grilled crayfish

Practical information

  • Boats can moor at the landing-dock (daytime only)
  • Free parking – car valet service
  • Pets are not allowed

Our Chef